December 7, 2022 Update - The lower level bar area, sim room, and new restrooms are moving at a fast clip. Plumbing is done, electrical is nearing completion, and drywall is up. This area will hopefully open in late Janauary. In early January, work will continue on the dining room, banquet space, and kitchen. The south side addition has started with the excuvation of this area which will house the managment offices and kitchen. And the golf shop and bag room will start renovation in late December. There is a lot going on all aiming at a April grand opening.

November 4, 2022 Update - The new dining room bar is now open! The lower level bar is nearing completion and demolition work has started on the Mulligan room and old lower level bar. The new south bar entrance is taking shape while the coolers and liquor storage area is now fully functional and ready for use. The patio concrete is complete and the new views and space are amazing. The covered patio will have radiant heat, fans, and pull down screens for bug/wind/sun protection. The rest of the space will have some solar sails to add to the atmosphere. Cart parking to the west of the building/east of the putting green is shaped and ready for concrete as well as the new cart paths and cart turnaround on the north side. The new dining bar and dining area will stay open for member usage until the end of the year. More pictures below.

October 24, 2022 Update - The new outdoor patios are taking shape and the size of the spaces are impressive. This will be the best outdoor dining venue in the region. The covered patio will have radiant heat and fans along with pull down screens to help with sunlight, wind, and mosquitos. The crews are trying to complete as much as possible outdoors including the new siding of the building, new exterior doors, a new entrance to the bar area, finishing off the patio, cart pathes on the north side, and new cart parking next to the putting green. The upper level bar is nearing completion and will open soon. At that time, the old bar and mulligan room will go under construction to convert these spaces, and the dining room and new bar will be open to the members. If you get a chance, stop out to see the daily changes. This is an exciting time.

September 23, 2022 Update - The new dining & banquet addition is rising to the sky (see pictures below). The golfers and dining bars are ahead of schedule and starting to take shape behind the temporary enclosure in the center of the clubhouse. The outdoor patios have been leveled and are awaiting the stamped concrete overlay. Soon the covered patio will start to be built along with the new cart parking area between the putting green and clubhouse. The outside of the building is being stripped to make way for an all new look. Trees have been removed to open up the view of the golf course from the clubhouse. Foundations and framing are complete for the additional entrance from the parking lot. Members are invited to attend our Tuesday Tours to get a behind the scenes look at all that is happening.







The original clubhouse was constructed in 1971. Much of that structure exists today. Over time, several additions have been made and renovations undertaken to try to keep the facility current and functional to serve members’ needs. Now, with age and shifting demographics, the clubhouse feels tired, disjointed, and lacks the spaces required to keep our members comfortable and to serve large events. The infrastructure of the clubhouse is also antiquated and needs a full update. The plumbing, electric, HVAC and building exterior are all well beyond their useful lives. Taking a piecemeal approach has kept the club functioning for the last several decades but will actually increase costs in the long run.  The time has come to secure the next 50 years of the clubhouse by completing a full renovation. What better time to do that than during the club’s 50th anniversary?

Through a combination of conservative budgeting and the Forward to the Future Capital Campaign, this project is a reality. But we have not reached our fundraising goals. While we have enough for the "base" project, there are some terrific alternates that take this project from really good to awesome. We still need support and ask that you thoughtfully consider a five-year pledge. This is our opportunity, our time to build for the future and pay it foward to succeeding generations, just like those courageous founding members did 50 plus years ago!


“We can make it happen if we all work together.”
I am sure you have heard that before. It rings true
in spades for our clubhouse renovation project.

When the board first looked at the feasibility of
the clubhouse renovation, we looked at the needs,
the wants, and what we thought we could achieve.
First addressing the needs of our 50 year-old
building and then the wants based on what we
could afford.

When we looked at the fundraising goals of the
project, we looked at both the minimum dollars
that we needed to raise and the number of
members willing to contribute. Although we have
had success in the dollars raised, the amount
raised has come from less than half of our
members. We understand and do not expect that
all members will give to the same level as others.
But no amount is too small. And small amounts
from many members provides substantial
financial support. Not only do small amounts help
in funding the project, but they also acknowledge
your support of the project. Please consider a
pledge to this project.

We can make it happen if we all work together.


Be sure to check out our Clubhouse Renewal Video!