Frequently Asked Questions


Are guests allowed to play the golf course?

Moccasin Creek is a private club and guests must be accompanied by a member. Reciprical priviledges may be extended to guests of other private clubs. Have home club professional contact the Golf Shop for more details.

Are guests allowed to use the practice facilities?

Guests accompanied by a member may use the practice facilities. The practice facilities are closed to the general public.

What is the dress code?

Attire - Socially accepted golf shirts are appreciated, but your comfort is most important. Tee shirts, while comfortable and an essential part of a kid’s wardrobe, do not look so great on adults and we ask that you refrain from wearing them while at the Club. The nicer you look, the better you will play, so goes the rumor. Shorts can be just about any style, but please do try to present them at a length that everyone wants to look at and remember that gym shorts are for the gym. Denim is welcomed if that is what makes you comfortable playing the game or enjoying a night out at the Club. Clubhouse attire should be comfortable and follow event specific requirements.

Footwear - Footwear is encouraged on the course for reasons of safety and should be of a type and style that will not damage the putting greens. On that note, no high heels, boots, metal spikes, or the like on the golf course please. Footwear is always required in the Clubhouse for reasons of safety.

Headwear – While a must for a round of golf and welcomed in the Bar and Mulligan Room, wearing headwear in the main Dining Room is discouraged.