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Other Junior & Family Events

DRIVE, CHIP & PUTT Championship Local Qualifying - June 22, 2018 at Moccasin Creek!!  

We are honored to be hosting this qualifying again! Winners will move on to the Subregional Qualifying with the chance to earn a trip to the National Finals at Augusta National. To learn more or to register go to for more information.

Family & Friends Golf Times & Family Golf Clinics

Held on various Thursdays throughout the summer from 5:30pm-6:30pm, Family & Friends Golf Times are starting times spaced 12 minutes apart instead of the usual eight minutes. The extra time between groups allows players to have a much more leisurely and enjoyable experience on the golf course without having to worry about groups pushing from behind. Perfect for families with children, couples, beginners, or just about anyone that would like a more casual pace of play on the golf course. 

In addition, enjoy games at the Clubhouse like Cornhole and special dinner features and buffets; perfect for the entire family!

Free Golf Clinics - In conjunction with Family & Friends Golf Times, Free Clinics allow any member, but especially families, to stop at the practice facility and receive FREE lessons from PGA staff. Family clinics are held from 5pm to 6pm and no appointment is necessary.


The JGA's Adult-Junior Tournament - June 10, 2018

Any adult can play with any junior (2-person alternate shot) in this fun 9-hole event. This is the "can't miss" family event of the summer. Sponsorship opportunities available.

City Junior Championship - July 30 (Moccasin Creek) & July 31, 2018 (Lee Park)

This two-round event is open to any junior with age groups for girls & boys. The low girl & boy will be crowned the Junior City Champions. Juniors looking to getting some fun, competitive experiences are encouraged to play.


Family Fun Night & Glow Ball at Moccasin Creek - July 27, 2018

A fun evening at the Club for the entire family including games for all ages, all kinds of food, entertainment, and laughs. The night will be capped off with the popular Glow Ball golf event starting right after sunset. Don't miss out on a great time at the Club for the entire family.


SDGA Junior Golf Tour Events - July 2, 2018 at Moccasin Creek and TBD at Lee Park

Open to any junior, the SDGA Junior Tour will be visiting Aberdeen for several events. Additional events throughout the state. Log on to for more information and to register.


SDGA State Adult-Junior Championship - July 22, 2018 at Lakeview Golf Course at Mitchell.

Log onto for more information and to register.


SDGA State Junior Championship - July 23-24, 2018 at Lakeview Golf Course in Mitchell.

Log onto for more information and to register.


2017 PGA Dakota Chapter Junior Golf Leader of the Year Award winner!

The Moccasin Creek PGA team is the receipient of the 2016 Minnesota PGA Youth Development Leader Award!

Moccasin Creek has been honored as the
2015 Amundson Family Best Junior Golf Program
awarded by the South Dakota Junior Golf Foundation!


Junior Golf Aberdeen is a non-profit umbrella organization that oversees all the junior golf efforts in the community including PGA Junior League, The First Tee lesson programs, junior tournaments and club championships, advanced junior lesson programs, the Dean Shortridge Junior Golf Scholarship, fundraising efforts, and more!

Mission Statement for Junior Golf Aberdeen

To impact the lives of young people through the game of golf by providing educational opportunities, competitive events, and quality facilities that will enhance their knowledge, enjoyment, and appreciation of the greatest game; and build character, instill life-enhancing values, and promote healthy choices.

Core Values for Junior Golf Aberdeen

Junior golf is the future of the game in this community. A young golfer should be:

- Taught some of the game's history and traditions, its rules, expected etiquette, and potential  values.

- Provided with well-organized and conducted competitive experiences in which winning assumes a sensible perspective.

- Given a program which encourages the broadening of friendships and social skills.

Exposed to some of the positive values that golf situations can provide, like honesty, courage, courtesy, fairness, empathy, responsibility, and appreciation.

- Afforded the opportunity to grow close to and learn from capable and responsible adults.

- Playing for the sake of playing and not always for an award, a title, or a rating.